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About Women Resource Center

WRC Mission Timeline

Women's Resource Center of Tampa


Founded: 2003

​Mission: The Women's Resource Center of Tampa focuses on restoration of heart, mind, and spirit by providing individualized care, case management, and planning to women and families in need in our community

​Vision: Our passion is to impact the epidemic of deteriorating families by working to reduce addictions, child abuse, domestic violence, homelessness and loneliness.

WRC Profile

The Women's Resource Center of Tampa provides individualized services to families, single parents, individuals, elderly, disabled, veterans and the homeless.


Since 2003, the Women's Resource Center of Tampa has been a faith based, not for profit organization dedicated to providing services that encourage, support and assist individuals and families to meet their basic needs. Founded by a group of women who themselves had overcome personal struggles, the Women's Resource Center is a place where individuals and families in crisis find respect, hope and the support they need to change their lives.
We change lives and restore hope by working one on one with each individual to identify and address their needs for emergency food, clothes, housing, employment, transportation, training and access to available resources. Once the family is stable, the Women's Resource Center of Tampa continues as a supporting coach assisting the family to develop and achieve their long term goals.