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One of our current ladies has 3 little girls and her husband that has stage 4 cancer, currently in Hospice. She lost her job due to her husband’s illness and treatment needed. When she came to WRC, she was on her last straw.  She was being evicted from her home, no job, no food and lost the girls day care. We helped provide emergency food, employment coaching, unemployment applications, and partnered with local churches and agencies to help with physical needs and staved off eviction. WRC helped her secure a good job, regain her child care, obtain food stamps and provide ongoing prayer, eduction,  support and encouragement.

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Support: Financial, Emergency Food, Education

We’re focused on personal and family restoration. Through comprehensive case management, our goal is to support, educate, and empower women and families to make lasting change. 

We keep our operating costs very low, and thrive on volunteers and financial support to help us change lives. We need volunteers, in-kind donations, and your generous financial support.  

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One of our clients was sleeping behind a church on a Friday night. It was the weekend of our Back to School Event, so there were volunteers here at  WRC to help. As we began our efforts to assist her, we discovered she was a military veteran and was able to obtain support for her through the VA. In addition, we helped her secure employment, find an apartment and obtain critical employment training. Throughout it all, we helped her with emergency food,  furniture and clothes, encouragement and morale support..

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Support: Financial assistance, clothing, emergency food, and furniturer

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